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This is how you can tell that I've been hiding in a old bubble in terms of detailing...
Posted by: jretal (600) on 2017-09-25 12:11:00
In Reply to: this new ceramic coating is pretty impressive posted by onlyaudis on 2017-09-24 00:32:07

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Does this replace using wax?

In past (and something I've stuck to for the past decade +), is clay bar, polish (meguiars of some sort), and then carnuba wax.

What I notice though is that the wax doesn't hold up as long as it used to. Granted, I don't really have the time to detail the cars like I used to, but if this stuff really works this well... my interest is peaked!

I've been watching Carter polish his various cars on Instagram w/ the Griot's stuff, and I've been half tempted to give it all a try as well. Just not sure what's "good" or not w/o leaving an entire cabinet full of half used detailing stuff.
post follow up

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