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Replaced that shift bushing with the 034 piece
Posted by: inarisilber (7259) on 2017-09-25 13:49:02
In Reply to: Weekend wrenching? posted by AudiSport4000 on 2017-09-22 17:03:14

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The old bushing was.. crusty to say the least. In order to replace the bushing you need to remove the linkage between the shift arm and the transmission mounting point. I was able to do it without dropping the driveshaft or transmission mounts but they didn't make the job easy. I had the car on ramps and I was basically hugging the transmission from underneath, blindly undoing and redoing the bolt on the passenger side. Got it done in about an hour or so though. Chaffed and bruised forearms as a result of cramming them between the axles and sub-frame.

For anyone who needs to do this job, the 034 replacement part is good quality. I used silicone based grease on the ball. The bushing is held in place with a washer and rolled over edges of the bushing housing. Impossible to do with the linkage still in place.

In my picture above the old bushing is in the middle (yuck) and the replacement on the right.

034motorsport part number: 034-508-3000
Bit pricey at $19.50 but they have the market cornered for this part.
post follow up

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