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Open Sky sunshade latch repair
Posted by: Rice Etr (1105) on 2009-07-31 12:40:45

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Those with Open Sky know that the sunshade latch breaking is a common issue. I've gone through 3. The first two were repaired under waranty but the 3rd was out of warranty. I tried 3 different dealerships to get just the front section with the latch but all 3 said that I had to purchase the whole shade as the leading edge was not available separately. Finally found a parts guy that knew what he was doing and was able to order just the 'Bow' for me. A savings of over $100.00. The bow section ran me $87.00 shipped. I've attached a picture of the part number should anyone else find themselves needing to replace theirs out of pocket.

Broken latch

New bow with latch. No design improvement unfortunately

Part number
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