B5 A4 (1995 - 2001)
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STW Fender from ebay
Posted by: Roger (132) on 2018-03-03 16:10:09

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Still surprise myself what pops up on ebay sometimes. This was posted by a seller who turned out to be a cook who worked for Audi hospitality at DTM. He was given this as a birthday present some years ago.

It's the fender from chassis ST22 from the German STW A4. This car was driven in the 1996 season first by Emanuel Pirro, then later by Frank Biela. The car went on into private hands for several seasons before ending up in Norway, where a private raceteam did a full restoration a few years back.

Full gallery of the restoration can be found here (https://silverquattro.com/pagaende-prosjekt/audi-a4-quattro-stw-st22/), with lots of detail pictures that usually aren't shown. Note that the replacement fender is no longer an ST spec unit, and the 'Team Olympia' sticker is no longer reproduced.

The original fender was pulled off the normal assembly line, was then modified in the bumper attachment area and the fender lip heavily rolled. Then a 'ST' stamp for Super Touring was put on where normally the part number was stamped.

The blinker and turn signal I picked up at a local junkyard to complete the look.

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