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Best way to clean is by hands and not with some solvent
Posted by: Tanner (612) on 2009-11-06 15:04:18
In Reply to: POLL - who has encountered intake valve carbon deposits - list your engine and miles posted by Nadrealista on 2009-11-06 12:48:05

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Carbon deposits needs to be scrubbed off. Dealer here has cleaned two 3.2L engines and have done so by using what you might consider a plastic-wired brush and a vac to suck up the stuff that is scraped of. I've read some dealers in the US have used small walnet shells and blasted them to knock off the stuff, but anyway you look at it, it's a fair bit of labour in general, and a bill if I had to get done on my car probably around $700 which sucks - for the price of better emissions. The dealer did say that the issue is a lot more noticeable on the 3.2 as it's naturally aspirated vs forced induction which makes some sense.

These solvents like that one from BG or whatever it's called is better suited for preventative maintenance as I heard that this stuff made no difference on a 2.0T engine that had a fair bit of crap.

I tried to get a scope in to look at the intake valves on my 2.0T but the end of the scope kept on picking up oil so couldn't see it, but if it's scraping oil, then yeah the problem is there, just don't know how bad. 92,000km on mine.
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