C5 A6/S6 (1998 - 2004)
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PSA: You can rebuild the secondary air injection pump with bearings from ace hardware
Posted by: halik (3959) on 2009-10-11 18:39:25

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Just finished 3rd rebuild of the pump on my car (first 2 just involved pb blaster) - the bearing on the output shaft disintegrated and made my car sounds like those "cash for clunkers" videos according to my parents.

Anyway I thought it would be a longshot, but ace hardware does carry sealed ball bearings and one of them has the exact ID and OD of the bearing on the pump (easy to find, it's the only one that slides on the output shaft of the motor). You do need to take the motor apart to get to the bearing from the inside, but the end results is totally worth it. With new lower bearing, the pump sounds like a hair blower.

Total cost $9.50... dealer wants $450 for secondary air kit.
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