C5 A6/S6 (1998 - 2004)
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DIY intercooler shrouds...
Posted by: Robert G (55) on 2009-05-04 14:45:41

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Sold the AWE's and threw the ER's on yesterday.

Unfortunately, my car is a bit of a freak, so no currently-available shrouds would work The 2.7 engine sits farther back from the lock carrier, etc.). Started hacking up the stockers, but dremel broke, and it just turned into a PITA.

A while back a friend suggested using for-sale signs for custom DIY action. I actually picked up some heavier-weight signs from the home depot (I think they were about 2mm thick), and it was WAY easier starting from scratch with those than to make use of the stockers in any way (at least in my experience, YMMV). Glad I had them sitting in the garage. Foil tape was also great to form and connect the pieces. That stuff is fantastic.

I think they turned out well. I have access to the board factory and might have the guys make some fiberglass versions, but honestly, I think these will hold up just fine. Surprisingly strong and rigid. I'm stoked. Not bad for 18 bucks and some change...

Anyhow, if anyone else needs to make their own shrouds or doesn't want to spend the cash for blingy-ones, thought I'd share...

post follow up

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