D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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APR has a great rep, but..
Posted by: BrianC72gt (5512) on 2017-02-26 06:38:56
In Reply to: How much does paint correction run? From a good detailer that is. posted by Kermit on 2017-02-26 04:48:37

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...normally aspirated, I wouldn't expect much of a difference in a tune, except maybe increased acceleration due to the reduction in the unsprung weight of your wallet. If your wallet was wrapped around your crank or driveshaft, perhaps more due to the weight loss there.

It is all about Oxygen. Get more air in with a freer breathing intake/exhaust and you can add a smidge more fuel, but I wouldn't expect great gains. Tuners who work on turbo/supercharged cars look like rock stars because they can dial up the boost, pump in a lot more air, and add the fuel to match, and fingers crossed that it doesn't blow up.

Normally aspirated, increase compression, then swap and degree the cams for the spot in the power band you care about most. Intake and exhaust are the cherry on top.

Paint correction will decrease turbulence and make it faster. Shiny.
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