D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Could use some advice,your thoughts on cam/chain tensioner . 01 S8. when I bought the car, previous
Posted by: miyaudi (20649) on 2017-02-28 00:25:23

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owner/mechanic admited that when he did the TB he replaced the driver side front tensioner, but cheaped out and bought the Chinese made one and the car had developed a tic/knock at times on srart up mostly when cold after 5-6K miles and it did more so when cold. And he was right, so it never bothered me because 30 sec. to a minute after start, it idles, runs and accelerates absolutely great, no strange noises of any kind. Saturday morning going to my mechaic friend to do an oil change, start, knock a bit longer,2-3 min., quiets down, drives great and 10 min.into the drive CEL comes on, p0022= camshaft position-timing over- retarded(bank 2).I'm thinking that the pads must be ok since there is no rattle, or anything at all when driving, and I do like to drive in a spirited way let's just say. We erased the CEL . Sunday a did alot of driving, stop and go, no issues, no CEL until very end of day, so I erased , and today came on after third start, engine warm, no noise or knock, nothing. Now a few questions... Is this something I do right now, or am I ok for 2-3 weeks, or ,as long as she drives as she should, not worry about the CEL and do it spring , summer? I don't want to damage anything or kill the engine, but don't want to change the tensioner right away if don't need to since the S runs great. Second, any of you gents know where to get one or purchased a decent tensioner and didn't have to pay a shit load? Sorry for the paragraph but better to much info than to little. Than you all much. Andy
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