D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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New owner, new problems. Advice on what to look for?
Posted by: plox (99730) on 2017-03-07 16:23:57

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I've recently purchased a 2003 S8 in pretty good shape. Slowly working on doing some preventative maintenance as time and weather allows. Here are some of the small problems I have noticed so far, and would like some guidance on what to dig into for a fix.

Some vibration at lower speeds, not steering wheel shake, but feels like a little shake in the seat of my pants. Seems to be related to road speed, as it does not go away when I put the car into neutral and continue at the same speed. Will be mounting new tires on a different set of wheels soon, so maybe that will fix it.

Busted CV boot. Found the source of the steering wheel vibration, turns out the inside of the wheel was caked in the contents of the CV boot. Cleaned the wheel off with some degreaser and the occasional vibration was gone. Will be looking to replace the boot and repack the join with grease. Anything else I should take a look at while I have the hub apart?

Will be attempting the transmission fluid/filter change. Anything to inspect while in there?

Parking sensors not working. According to the codes in the VAGCOM scan, it should be the rear speaker. Any other telltale signs that the speaker is gone, and replacing that will work?

Rear sun visor sticks on the edge of the shelf area. If I push down a little, it comes up with ease. Sounded like it might be loose based on the other threads I have read. Thoughts?

Engine vibration around 2-3k. Is it normal to be able to feel a decent amount of the engine roar/vibration in the car around this speed? In neutral, revving engine, it will shake the car a bit. Only reason I ask is because this is an $80k luxury car, and I feel like it wouldn't be felt when brand new. Should I be checking out the engine mounts to see if they are hardened or worn?

Fog light grills missing. Not interested in paying the 200 per side for new ones. Are there any decent fitting parts from other Audi models that can be modified to fit somewhat? Wouldn't mind cutting it and making it look halfway decent from 10 feet away.

Driver's seat lumbar support somewhat functional. It does not seem to adjust the amount of support, only the up and down location. It's also quite loud to use that set of controls.

Rear headrests do not move up and down with the controls.

Trunk does not have liner on the top, should it be there?

Any info is appreciated, and any advice on other items to inspect or monitor is welcome.
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