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Recently acquired D2 S8 needs a new transmission
Posted by: leehuffman (106369) on 2017-09-27 05:49:18

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Hey all,

Long time Audi man. I come from the UrS world but have always wanted a D2 S8 daily driver. I recently turned 30 and decided it was time to purchase myself one. Found one at ~100k miles in a color combination I liked and pulled the trigger after negotiating down to a price I felt was fair.

The inspection showed (among other things) the transmission pan gasket needed to be replaced as there was fluid showing up there. The shop tackled that along with a list of other items I wanted addressed. Once everything was clean and the car was driven, they determined that what was actually showing up was differential fluid, but it was leaking from the transmission. They in turn recommended the current transmission be rebuilt or a rebuilt/remanufactured one be sourced and put in place.

First, does this sound like a (semi?) common issue with these transmissions? If so, is the solution in fact to rebuild or replace the transmission? This is a quality, Audi-focused shop that I trust and has done great work for me over a number of years, so my initial reaction is to trust them and move forward, but I thought I'd check with the community here.

If the transmission does in fact need to be replaced, where do I source a _quality_ remanufactured transmission from? Let me follow that up with this: This car has been one of my dream cars since I was ~19 years old. I'm not new to the Audi world and I'm not scared to spend money to make this thing the rock solid daily driver I want it to be. I have no interest in lighting money on fire, but I value quality and am willing to pay for it. If I need to source one, I don't want just any remanufactured transmission, I want one built by _the_ specialist that the community trusts.

Let me know if y'all have any questions that I didn't answer here. Thank you in advance!

If the transmission
post follow up

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