D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Got it done, not horrible...
Posted by: eriklane (23147) on 2017-10-05 02:18:55
In Reply to: 1998 A8 how to remove the center dash to fix a dead bulb on temp indicator window posted by eriklane on 2017-10-02 12:11:15

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Napa bulb #893-919-040
Pull out both tunnel carpet covers. Notice allen screw on either side behind there up about the same level as the temp unit, remove.
Fashion a coat hanger with a 1/4" L on the end and fish inside the upper vent, look for the little hole, and insert and pull, it'll pop out, do other side. Pull vent out. Notice allen nut in the center of the tunnel, remove. Entire dash center pulls out. On the temp unit there are 4 nuts, 2 on each side, remove. Remove 5 electrical plugs. Slide temp control out. Take a good size phillips and carefully remove the 7 tiny screws holding the face plate. Flip it over and find the 3 bulbs, 1/4 turn and they come out. Reverse procedure to reassy.
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