D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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center axle bolt coming loose - anyone had this issue (likely 2x)?
Posted by: BobD (717) on 2017-10-28 13:45:08

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I replaced a wheel bearing on my D2 about 6-8 months ago. My daughter is driving the car now and she told me that the front brakes were making noise. I did front pads a couple of months ago so I thought that was weird.

I put it on the lift and the wheel was loose, rocking around. The wheel was torqued but it turns out that the axle bolt which I replaced when I did the bearing, had loosened. I've never had that happen before and it's not something I would have just forgotten about. I leave center and/or lug caps on the bench as a reminder so I can't forget to do the final torque.

Ok, I'm a little mystified "how" this happened but I had another bolt so I installed it and then and torqued to (140lbs?) + 1/2 turn. This was all last week. My wife just sent me a text saying that it's making the exact same noise again + the pads are squeaking. It sounds like this one loosened up too.

Has anyone had this happen? Bad axle threads? The bolts feels fine as it's being torqued down.
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