D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Front engine "snubber" mount and leaking tailshaft seals
Posted by: JFrahm (4193) on 2017-11-09 18:05:18

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On my 2001 A8 SWB I've had a tailshaft seal leak off and on for a while. My most recent fix lasted over 10K miles, in that instance I put on a "speedi-sleeve" to renew the counterface, cleaned the flange and painted it with rust converter, and used a new Timken seal with Gabor's garter spring trick to get more seal tension.

Well it worked for a long time but not forever. It's been seeping a bit for the last 8 months and now is getting pretty smelly at intersections. It did last over 10K miles and now I am at about 15K miles on the repair.

I have read that people have noticed a wear pattern that suggested the flange shaft was pumping in and out of the seal and leaving a sinusoidal wear pattern. I wondered about worn bearings in the center diff, a worn driveshaft bearing, or... what about the front engine mount, some call it a torque dampener, part 4D0 199 267 ? A recent thread on AW talked about replacing this part and I had to admit I'd never paid the little spud any mind.

Sam described how to see if this mount is split (load the brakes with the car in reverse) and I could see the engine rear up more than seemed fair, and with a snake scope pointed at this mount, which is located near the alternator, I am pretty sure I saw the rubber part separate from the metal cup.

This makes me think the engine could rock like a rocking-horse a bit while I am driving and that would for sure wear on the output shaft seal. I plan to get this mount replaced before I replace the output shaft seal (again). I suggest anyone who has replaced this seal check this engine mount, maybe that's where the excess seal wear is coming from.

Thanks Sam,
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