D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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I have the chance to purchase 3 new Behr/Hella radiators for good price. Anybody interested?
Posted by: semso55 (106058) on 2017-11-12 16:05:10

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I pretty much decided to keep my S8 indefinitely and realizing parts are getting scarce and having original radiator I wouldn't mind having one in my spare parts stash.
I've checked with Hella catalog and this is direct fit for 2000-2003 A8/S8.
I've also checked current prices and as we all know there are 2 options at the moment:
OEM about $550 and Nissens about $475 (best current prices at the moment)
I could get these 3 for about $1185 shipped. I'd keep one and ship the other 2 to whoever is in with me.
I'd have to have 2 other guys paypal me $395 before I make this order. Obviously I expect nobody to trust me on my word therefore I can provide my ebay 100% seller satisfaction seller record and anything else needed.
I make no money on this other than getting mine for the same price as the other 2 guys ( We all get it about $395 shipped).
The downside is since I'm getting these from Europe through my connection (I am originally from Europe and I've lived in US since 1996) there is no warranty.
I can guarantee for radiators to be brand new genuine Behr/Hella brand.
post follow up

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