D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Mine was torn in half and that allowed for a ton of engine hop.
Posted by: JFrahm (4193) on 2017-11-18 18:36:56
In Reply to: Just replaced engine front support torque mount, few observations posted by semso55 on 2017-11-11 21:10:28

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I removed it via the method of taking the RH headlamp partially out. Pretty straightforward. I thought I'd try gluing it up with windshield adhesive, the part being $85 from Europe and there being an $11 option for the adhesive from Amazon or Ebay, Dow U-428 plus.

This stuff is hard to work with, you need a stout caulking gun (cast not stamped frame and trigger) and the adhesive needs to be quite warm to flow. I heated mine in a pan of water on the stove at 150 degrees or so. If this does not work I will order a mount from Europe and do it again. I have long wanted to test this stuff out and $70 is $70 (unless I have to do the job again). My old A8 is at the stage where make and mend is warranted, but I will replace this mount with the real deal in my much newer and nicer S8.

Wow this R-428 stuff is thick and strong. I also glued up a pair of droplinks as the ones in my S8 are noisy and make an "eeerp!" sound when I turn the wheel as the rubber moves around in the aluminum.

I have not brake loaded the driveline yet although the adhesive seems to have cured fully. Cure time is listed as 5 hours, it'd been 12 but cold out and the bead is way thicker on this repair. I did back the car off the ramps and back on the other way (to do the tailshaft seal) and for sure the engine just sat there and did not bop back and forth like it did before.

If you open your hood and watch your engine while you load the brakes in forward and reverse and see your engine move, this mount is probably blown and maybe opening up on the side you cannot see, that's where mine was torn.

I can imagine that this movement of the engine/trans could help wear out the tailshaft seal. IMO it's a good idea to check into this mount before your tailshaft seal starts leaking and if it's leaking for sure check/change it when you replace this seal.

Check Dr. A8's thread on AW for the glue-up of this mount.
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