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It's how the Kawf forum software is set up. I find it MUCH better than vBulletin and the like
Posted by: 95ninety (3829) on 2017-12-31 03:37:08
In Reply to: Is there a reason why new post here doesn't bring the thread on top of page like on many forums? posted by semso55 on 2017-12-31 02:45:06

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Kawf allows you to have threaded post topics that track individual responses.

VBulletin is set up so it's one gigantic thread/conversation with each post taking up a large chunk of your screen space. That makes it difficult to read and extract information because you end up sifting through side conversations and messages that you don't want or care to see.

The biggest difference between the two (besides size and speed) is how it notifes the users that threads have been posted in. In vBulletin, a recent post on a 20 year old thread brings it to the top of the forum - Whereas in Kawf, your logged in account needs to be actively tracking the topic for the 20 year old reply to show up first. This makes it easy for you to track topics you've replied to (since it auto tracks those) and other topics that you deem potentially interesting. You can tell if you're tracking a thread by looking at the far right of the topic and see the "tt" and "ut." TT means you're not tracking, and UT means you are tracking. You can click them to change the status of each.
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