D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Took the s8 on a trip last month, logged 2300 miles in 2 days of driving, arrived at chicago area,
Posted by: audinutt (1388) on 2018-01-19 04:22:10

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stayed the night, attended a memorial service, after the memorial luncheon I start the s8 and the battery light is glowing on the cluster :(
I dial in climate control channel 36 and verify it's not charging.
It's 20F and 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.

Long story short, I sourced an alternator after a few phone calls, drove straight to autozone (the only place around that had one in stock).
Then proceeded to a friend's place in Tinley Park, then followed him to a friend's garage in a neighboring town (Palos Park) and swapped the alternator with borrowed tools/space.

The entire R&R took about an hour.

I was glad I purchased a new battery last summer with extra reserve capacity.. I Was able to drive 40 miles with no charging system function and still restart the car off the battery after the swap.

The s8 drives amazing on the open road though.
I took another trip a week later to Colorado with the family in the A8L.
The a8 is comfy but the s8 is just a better driver's car.
I found myself wishing I had taken it most of the trip.

The s8 hit 290,000 last week. 300,000 here we come :)
post follow up

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