D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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D2 used engine thoughts
Posted by: eriklane (23147) on 2018-01-29 02:20:07

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Spring is near and my d2 4.2 is leaking oil in the front-I think it's the oil pump seal, also head gaskets blown-oil in reservoir now, and it overheats in the summer if I sit in traffic.
Want to get a used lowest possible miles engine, found 2 with around 90k miles for $500-$1000.
I'm sure boneyards won't do testing, that said, say I buy one, and do a compression test, what numbers do I need to consider it good, and, what else should I do to ensure it's good?
Friend said that you can tell a lot from the cam, if it's blueish it's been hot or low oil...
Also-in this pic-

the oil that you see on the vertical surface just left of the timing belt, is there a seal there? What covers that area-the front timing cover?

post follow up

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