D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Posted by: hyperlogos (20841) on 2018-03-09 13:22:25
In Reply to: Now I don't know who to believe ..this thread says otherwise for a 1st time ATF change posted by lunamar on 2018-03-09 02:44:44

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If you don't have a transmission flush kit (it's a cylinder you install in line with the transmission cooler, old fluid comes out and pushes the piston, which pushes new fluid in) the best thing to do is to take it to the shop and let them do the whole schmeer. My local shop charged me under $200 to do the valve and the service INCLUDING PARTS. The transgo kit is cheap AF and on the scale of transmission shop jobs, it is very low. You need to be changing the fluid in the torque converter as part of the job, and that's difficult to do without flushing unless you dismount it.

People suggest you re-use fluid because they think that if they change all their fluid, the additives in the new fluid will break loose sludge and cause harm to their transmission. But that's not how it works. Those additives will do that whether you've got any old fluid in there or not. But old lube spoils new lube. It reduces its operating characteristics. The transmission filter and magnet are there to catch that crap. You gain nothing whatsoever by doing a partial fluid change, and you don't change all your fluid so your fluid is still old and tired.

Never reuse any fluid that you've taken out, unless you know it's clean and the container you're putting it into is clean. Never mix fluids, because their additives can literally neutralize one another if they are not the same.
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