D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Good vid, which proved what my butt-dyno has always told me in the past >>
Posted by: silverd2 (9538) on 2018-03-10 00:34:26
In Reply to: It turns out that's a total myth posted by hyperlogos on 2018-03-09 13:12:42

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...back pressure gives you better low rpm torque (where most "normal" driving is done with a V8), but less power at mid-high rpm.

Knowing my car as well as I do (13.5 yrs daily driver), gutting my cats (NOT for power ... broken "bricks" and no state inspection) recently gave a slightly softer feel on launch (a hair less torque), BUT a noticeable increase at high rpms. I would bet that this would show on a real dyno test (as in the video .. softer at low rpms with freer flow). I found this a little irritating at first, but got used to it with time and no longer notice.

A past Scirocco 16V that I beefed up a bit (Techtonics bored block & other goodies) was disappointly soft off the line with a full Supersprint exhaust and other-brand header, but a beast at the top 1/3 of the range .... I also HATED the exhaust note of this system (like a helicopter played through a cheap subwoofer). I eventually put the stock exhaust back on and got monster launches, but a bit "anemic" on the top end.

post follow up

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