D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Random dropped valve? on #2, guess it's time for a rebuild/swap :(
Posted by: alxdgr8 (6515) on 2018-03-12 01:46:55

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Was coasting up to a stop light last night and the car started shuddering, thought I popped a tire at first. Went to pull away from the light and the car was shaking bad running on 4 cylinders or less. Further diagnostics today shows low compression across the board and impacts on the #2 piston. Need to tear down to fully diagnose, but it's not looking good. Sad thing is I sold my spare S8 motor last summer when I was moving. I still have a spare 40v A6 engine, so I might be able to salvage the head and valves from that so long as there's not damage to the bores. Guess I should 6spd swap the car while the engine is out too haha.

#1 - 100
#2 - 0
#3 - 100
#4 - 100
#5 - 100
#6 - 130
#7 - 85
#8 - 130

#2 piston
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