D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Paging Tozo...first timer.
Posted by: C4.Style (7043) on 2018-03-17 09:49:11

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Hello Mr. Transmission Guru! This is my first time addressing to you because I'm in need of early advice/answer from you here. I have read many threads and read Audiworld as well but many have different mixed replies probably due to different situation cases, some very serious and some so-so when it comes to similar issue.

Besides my running silver '01 S8 with rebuild tranny by previous owner which I bought 2 years ago, tomorrow once again I'm going to look at a black '01 S8 which I want to pick up cheap or as I like to call it possibly save it, always wanted a black one but hard to find.

So from the pictures that I got from the owner, the car doesn't look too bad, has clean title, 190K miles. The current owner states that he has bunch of receipts of maintenance done on the car but mostly by previous owner. I will go take a look at it more closely when it comes to engine and electronics but to go back to the main issue. The car does have a CEL, its due to 2 tranny codes(Pics provided). I sort of played the truth trick on him and was able to have him say that the car does go into limp mode however he mentions that he is still able to drive it fine. If does bang into first gear, then limp mode, then after drives fine. Never changed the tranny fluid during his ownship but did replace tranny computer but that didn't make any change.

I never felt what its like to experience limp mode or bad transmission on neither of my Audi's so tomorrow I'm going to test drive it and see whats really going on. My question to you is, do you think its worth picking it up and possibly just flushing the fluid/changing filter/cleaning all connection to see if that will to any magic of getting her back to normal or this is much worse? What I fear the most is for it to be a broken clutch A basket and doing actual rebuild because we are now talking into investing thousands into this car.

You can email me if you like also. Thank you.

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