D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Posted by: C4.Style (7043) on 2018-03-18 03:35:27
In Reply to: Paging Tozo...first timer. posted by C4.Style on 2018-03-17 09:49:11

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As I got there today, I find more surprises. He bought the car with already tranny issue a year ago from his customer which later bought a D3 S8 and moved back to Colorado. The car set most of the time after this guy took over. When we got there, it was dead, I asked him, when was the last time you driven it and he said, November, that explained the spider webs everywhere.

We tried jump starting and nothing. Scanned the car and got these codes:

Also as I got inside the car, I automatically smelled moisture, as I looked up, the whole top of the roof liner was covered in black spots and mold....leak. I looked at the sun roof and it was a tad open, has a gap between glass and actual roof and you can even shift it with hand a slight. I tried playing with a switch when battery had some juice and nothing, there is probably so much gunk in there and it wont even slide of tilt.

On the other hand, popped engine covers and TB looks good even though under the glastic "V8" covers was a nest, not sure if rats. Both VCG's were greasy however.

Since I couldn't drive the car, I did not buy it but did tell him, have someone of his mechanics look at it and get it to fire up and only then I will make my decision when I'm actually able to get behind the wheel. At this point, he is willing to get it away for dirt cheap or just donate it or to the yard because its taking space. He will not part it out. Lastly he said if he has time he will try to get someone to fire it up sometime this week. I was the only one who actually showed up to look at the car.
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