D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Rough List
Posted by: alxdgr8 (6515) on 2010-04-07 00:31:15
In Reply to: has anyone ever made a list of all the parts needed? posted by lunamar on 2018-03-29 00:13:25

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*4.11 final drive 01E trans: 5spd from UrS4/6, 6spd from B5 S4, early B6 A4 3.0L

*Euro manual ECU tune: EFI Express, Reflect Tuning

*UrS4/6 brake pedal flattened, pad extended slightly, and a tab welded on for the clutch (pivot is already there on the pedal cage)

*Clutch master (B5 S4 works with some modding/spacers)

*TTV 10-bolt flywheel, B7 RS4 clutch

*2 right front UrS4/6 axles with spacer on right side IIRC (use dissasembled CV as spacer or have one fabbed)

*Advance Automotion manual S8 driveshaft, or find and ship a euro one. A8L is the right length, but carrier bearing is in the wrong spot.

*UrS6 shifter extended a few inches

*Trans mounts: Beast Car Fab (beware; YMMV with reliability and speed of service), euro 01E mounts with subframe, or custom fab
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