D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Electric fan conversion
Posted by: esseight (1215) on 2018-03-30 10:35:59

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Just curious how many have gone from a mechanical fan to an electric one. My fan is the loudest thing on earth and runs continuously regardless of engine temp; though it is engine speed dependent it never freewheels even with engine off. Fan clutch checks out okay (tried two new ones with no difference). Also, if there is an issue with fan operation I'm somewhat concerned about running that much load on the engine long-term as well as reduced performance.

I should note that I have a manual swapped car and am comparing it to the auto S8 I had many years ago which I do not recall being as loud. That shouldn't matter other than I now run in higher rev ranges much more often than I ever did in the auto did which results in the fan running faster/louder. Or maybe I'm just imagining it...

Long story short is I'm considering an electric fan conversion. In doing some research I know that there are a couple of you that have done it (audinutt, icrashcars I believe was thinking about it) but wanted to get opinions/suggestions/tips/tricks. How difficult is it for the (very) casual DIY'er? My indy's don't want to do it.
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