D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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I converted one and put about 1,500 miles on after the swap
Posted by: Paulyworld1432 (210) on 2018-04-08 00:25:04
In Reply to: Manual S8 - Who Has Driven One? posted by onewhippedpuppy on 2018-04-06 20:46:55

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Standard B5 S4 gearing and a very driver friendly clutch set up.

I absolutely loved the car and it really fixed any of my gripes about the bigger chassis. The car feels amazingly nimble and much sportier with the manual. Able to convert and keep all features, cruise, etc. fortunately the car was offered with MT elsewhere so I actually think pedals, seating position etc. lend itself well to having a shifter.

I bought the car with intention of convert and flip, but regret it and have messaged the buyer a few times seeing if he would sell back or trade for D3 A8.
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