D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Im going to put it out there.. the manual 6 speed s8 is one of the best cars ever made! :)
Posted by: gonzo (7182) on 2018-04-09 15:40:05
In Reply to: Manual S8 - Who Has Driven One? posted by onewhippedpuppy on 2018-04-06 20:46:55

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My favorite daily driver of all time! Its the kind of car that makes you feel special every time you are in it and I look forward to driving it every time...true that could be said about the autobox but for me, it always lacked something.

In my opinion, the driving experience is completely transformed and would say the manual wakes up the refined beast that's hiding in your car! Its so much more responsive, faster and just plain more fun to drive now! Its fast when you want it to be fast, but smooth as glass when you're just cruising. To confirm how much I liked it, when my manual swapped a8 got totalled due to hail damage, I bought it back, found a beautiful s8 and did the swap all over again! Its a damn shame that all these amazing machines are being crushed due to the crappy transmission these cars got dealt. IMO these cars were built in the era where audi was truely building their brand, not finding more ways to try and recreate the same experience that is cheaper for them but more expensive for you! My a8 had 240k miles on it and felt as solid as the day it was new(granted you need to stay on top of the suspension niggles) anyways...DO IT!!! you wont regret it.

Ok just to be fair, I will call out a few drawbacks(sort of)...My rs4 clutch is a little heavy, so if I had a big traffic commute everyday my left leg may get stronger than my right :) Another thing that may or may not be a factor...my gas mileage took a dump. Primarily because, the car is so quiet, I forget that Im in 4th rather than 5th or 6th and I dont have someone always shifting it into 5th for me all the time(autobox). Additinally the car wants to rev through the gears now! I can still get over 20 on the highway and I dont have the TDI 6 gear. One other thing, I used a lightweight flywheel the second time I did the swap and man that really woke the engine up! the stock audi dual mass was sluggish and I never liked the clutch engagement with it.

Good luck with your decision!
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