D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Called the seller today....was a shop, mechanic was selling it.....kind or rude, he kept saying
Posted by: kinderutz (1496) on 2018-04-10 05:34:13
In Reply to: You can tell from photos or talked to seller? Good deal regardless posted by Paulyworld1432 on 2018-04-10 01:24:02

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"good luck finding another S8" when I asked if it had the sport seats.

"none of those early cars had sport seats and this is a 2001" he said.....funny , Carfax lists it as a 2002..I believe Carfax here.

I called at noon today to go look at it and he said he is showing it to another guy at 6pm...I asked if I could come see it now since I had time and he replied: "No I ain't gonna show it to you now. I am going to show it to the guy who called me this morning, you can come see it tomorrow."

I said OK, thanks for your time and hung up.

He calls me at 6:30pm saying that the 6 o'clock guy flaked out, do i want to come see it instead?

I said maybe on Wednesdsay if my schedule allows it and that I'm not really interested if it didn't have Recaro seats and we left it at that.

I'll go check it out and see how bad he wants to get rid of it. :)

If I wanted to swap a set of sport seats what would my best bet me and how much do they go for, any idea?

Do C5 or any other model sport seats bolt up to the D2?
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