D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Weird computer issues when turning car on
Posted by: Razman (19599) on 2018-04-24 19:48:44

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When I insert the key and turn the car to 'on' I get some dash lights, then the climate control blower starts blowing (because it was already on when I stopped the car) then other lights light up, and at the end of this process (15-30 seconds) the center screen lights up and I hear the door chime, letting me know I can start the car. Any attempt to start the car before this process is completed fails (engine turns over and starts for a second but dies).

I just replaced the alternator at the behest of my mechanic (who installed tires, front O2 sensors and front lower arms) and once started it runs like a scalded dog. Shutting it off resets the clock and radio, and displays the last trip odo mileage even if I clear it out after starting it (291 miles, fyi lol).

Has anyone seen this before? I'll post a vid on youtube later tonight for the curious.

If anyone is selling a Vag-Com let me know, of if you are in NE FL and have one let me know.



Edit: car has 135K mi on the clock and has no other issues, drives solid now with good arms (did uppers last year).
post follow up

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