D2 A8/S8 (1997 - 2003)
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Lemme guess - fan still running but no air flow, right?
Posted by: Razman (19599) on 2018-05-03 04:12:03
In Reply to: AirCon stopped sending cold air posted by Mortem76 on 2018-05-03 00:18:15

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If I'm right, then do this: press the left windshield defrost button and the recirculate button at the same time. the temperature displays on both the left and right will change.

Using the up/down buttons under the left (driver) side temp display, set the number to '30'. Note the number on the right (it's probably 100).

Now, use the center up/down buttons (normally for fan speed) to lower that number down to 00. Did your airflow come back?

This is what my car does - EVERY time I drive it and use the A/C I have to change this, because for some asinine reason it automatically resets back to 100 and blocks the flow. I haven't found a reason for that yet. It's the most annoying thing about the car, but I live with it, because it's an awesome car.

If that's not it then I dunno; I'm going to replace my vent motors soon because they are clicking. Ugh...

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