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  • Just replaced engine front support torque mount, few observations
    Posted by: semso55 (106058) on 2017-11-11 21:10:28

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    As I mentioned before I come from BMW world and Audi is relatively new to me but years of DIY on my BMW's pretty much apply here with some uncharted waters.
    Many thanks to silverd2 for his write up although I believe going about it little bit differently is easier:
    I think it's easier to remove upper support mount as I did and I only had to pull out the headlight out few inches which is not difficult. I've accessed 3 of its bolts from bellow with extension and while little tricky, it's doable.
    Another obvious advantage is access to the shims which in my case I ended up removing both of them in order to keep the "egg" under no stress when all is tightened.
    I ran the engine in idle and under load and it has much less vibrations. Old mount had cracks but it wasn't separated yet.




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