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For the traditional impression of
Posted by: oc (1336) on 2017-07-27 22:18:42
In Reply to: Good thought - I'll be with work peeps that aren't all beer snobs, so it needs to be good food too. posted by K1200R on 2017-07-27 13:29:02

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Good food and beer, Deschutes is a solid choice. Place is usually a zoo though, so to impress make sure you can call ahead to find out wait times.

Another alternative near there is 10 Barrel (InBevc boo). Nice rooftop deck. Haven't had the food though.

If you want to get a little creative with your group, here's some not downtown that provide a different vibe:

Breakside (NE location): awesome beer and food

Great Notion: one of the hottest breweries right now, in a trendy typical PDX neighborhood. Not had any food there though

Base Camp: has some big tables for groups, good beer and 2 decent food truck options right outside

Cascade Barrel House: want to screw with people, get them to try some of the best sour beers in the country. Small quirky kitchen puts out good food

Wayfinder: only make a couple of their own beers and then have a bunch of guest taps. food is decent, not memorable, but fun trendy vibe

And if being a brewery isn't a requirement, plenty of other great spots with good food and beer on tap
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