C7 A6/S6 (2012 - Present)
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Final install of RS7 sides and grill.
Posted by: DURFA7 (6074) on 2017-06-10 21:24:17

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So I took the chance and ordered the Alibaba/eBay RS7 sides, I wasn't happy with initial install due to some waves in the plastic. I took off the drivers side and looked closer.

There were two squares cut out post production and patched poorly. I would guess voids left from the molding process. So they patched and shipped them. From surface they looked ok, but I bent them during the install and popped/cracked their patch creating a wave like distortion in the surface. I let the Chinese company know and they offered me $6.30 for my trouble.

So that is the background. I installed the passenger side and it looks great. The drivers side will get fixed fully but I glued the back and sealed it up, for now. I can see it but my wife cannot and photos(internet/street cred look great so, I am not worried)

I took some pics and now all I have left to do is figure out which shocks to go with the eibach springs. I want the Koni FSDs but no reviews. So bilsteins B8 I guess.

post follow up

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