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This might be useful.
Posted by: Pablo (699) on 2010-01-15 22:24:45
In Reply to: picked up the mk iii today, posted by schnellmb_heart attack on 2010-01-15 15:17:53

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The Ruger manual was structured like crap so I rewrote the directions in an ordered set of steps.

- Unload it. Duh.
- insert empty mag
- place safety in F position
- pull trigger to make sure hammer has fallen (Hammer must be
uncocked to procede)
- remove magazine
- release mainspring housing and pull bolt stop pin out (may need punch and hammer to push pin out from top) bolt should pull out. Otherwise, fully insert EMPTY magazine and pull trigger to remove bolt.
- remove magazine
- At this point, the barrel/receiver can be seperated from the frame. A forward blow from a plastic mallet on the back of the receiver (where the bolt was) should release the barrel/receiver.

- unload it. Duh.
- safety must be in F position
- keep finger off trigger and place hammer in horizontal (cocked) postion. (Hammer is retangular object inside the grip frame near the rear)
- If you hammer cannot be placed in horizontal position, hammer strut may be trapped behind the crosspin (refer to Fig. 7 in manual, not applicable to 22/45). If so, lift hammer - to free strut then move hammer back to horizontal. If hammer has rotated too far forward and is difficult to move backwards, insert mag and this will allow the hammer to rotate backwards into horizontal position. Once hammer is horizontal, remove magazine.
- Check that loaded chamber indicator is in place
- Place barrel receiver on top of frame such that the square lug engages the square recess on the underside of the receiver. (see fig 8A in manual). Push barrel rearward until it stops (rear end of the receiver slightly overhangs the rear end of the grip frame, see Fig 8B). Check to see if bolt stop pin can be inserted smoothly. If not, placed the gun muzzle down on a padded bench and strike the rear of the frame, right below the receiver, with a plastic or wooden mallet. Small taps should do it, be gentle. Remove stop pin if necessary.
- Insert empty magazine
- Point muzzle up and pull trigger.

- Gravity should cause the hammer to return to cocked position if dislodged when mounting receiver. If not, reach in and push the hammer down (horizontal).
- Remove magazine
- Slide bolt into the receiver with recoil spring upwards.
- Insert magazine.
- Point muzzle down towards the ground.
- Hold mainspring housing and insert bolt stop pin into it's position. A thin coating of oil on the stop pin helps as does a light tap from a plastic mallet. Don't close mainspring housing yet.
- Invert pistol so muzzle points up.
- Make sure hammer strut is pointing more or less down. Strut should go into oval shaped cut inside the mainspring housing.
- Depress trigger with thumb. (see Fig 12. in manual).
- (for non 22/45 models) Move mainspring housing into closed position.
- (for 22/45 models) While holding pistol muzzle up and depressing the trigger with your thumb, close mainspring housing as far as possible without excessive pressure.
- (for 22/45 models While holding mainspring housing closed, release trigger and remove magazine. Once magazine is removed, the housing will close the rest of the way.
- Close mainspring housing latch.
- Insert magazine, open bolt, use bolt release to close bolt and dry fire to test.
post follow up

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