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FG42 thoughts
Posted by: Fusilier (875) on 2012-10-02 16:00:00

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Hey Guys, thought I'd do a writeup on this as some of you were interested in seeing it. Well here it is. Reproduction Semi-Automatic German WW2 Paratrooper special FG42. Fallschirmjägergewehr 42 or Paratrooper Rifle 42. Only about 7000 rifles were made in the entire war. These fired the full power 8mm mauser round from a side mounted 20 round detachable magazine. The rifle was short, light and powerful. Of all the infantry weapons of WW2, this is the last thing you'd want to have in the hands of your opponent. There are many accounts of US soldiers mistaking this weapon for a MG34 or believing they were facing multiple machine guns because of its mobility and lethality at range. The ideas in this weapon were widely copied by The United States, Switzerland and USSR. It is still daunting (if not superior) when compared to other battle rifles like a FAL or M14.

Side view in the padded case it came it. I have fitted a Czech reproduction scope and a Reproduction original mount made for the FG42. The FG42 rifle was produced with an integral scope mount as it was intended to do everything. Years ahead of its time. The bipod was also integral to the design.

Buttstock. Push the button on the end there and it comes off. Very much like the Steyr Aug breaks down. (Steyr copied this).

The ejection side. Notice the bolt when closed it nicely fitted to keep the action clean. The charging handle does reciprocate slightly. You can see the rear iron sight folded down (Folding sights, another idea years ahead of its time). The drum rear sight is graduated from 100 to 1200 meters.

The muzzle. Sling is attached at the front with a Karabiner clip (get it carbine aka rifle before the mountain climbers got the word). The muzzle brake and flash hider is very effective and was copied by the swiss after the war. Front sight folds down for jumping out of an airplane. Also in this view is the front folding bipod legs and the end of the bayonet which inserts backwards when not in use.

Ejection port side with the magazine doors closed. The mag release catch will automatially open the doors. The fire selector is just above the pistol grip

Opposite side of the muzzle brake, front sight up. Bipod legs folded.

Mag doors open. The action of this rifle was copied by the M60 and uses a rotating bolt with a gas piston.

20 round magazine inserted

Bipod legs unfolded. You can see the spike bayone tucked under the barrel. A standard 98K is below so you can get the relatively small size of this rifle.

Compared to a Vietnam era XM16

Next to a Swiss ZFK55 sniper rifle

Copied Muzzle brake

Next to a Swiss Stg57
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