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Right. I understand now. I thought you were saying that your v1 can't pick up lidar through the
Posted by: R56CoupeErik:90QS (1868) on 2012-03-23 12:56:33
In Reply to: Lidar will not work through glass so radar is used more in cold weather. Now that it is warmer posted by quattroPaul on 2012-03-23 12:33:08

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window which really confused me.

First time I was hit with lidar with my m27 i was going about 85 around a bend, saw him parked perpindicular to the highway, and m27 went off with x50. slowed down quickly to the speed limit and flipped it off, and the x50 continued to go off, so he was still locked on me. By the time I passed him a few seconds later, he had his gun pointed into his lap and he was staring into the back of it like W T F

so awesome.
post follow up

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