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With the below mentioned rules of car sightings during Monterey car week, today's Lamborghini...
Posted by: LWonka (1905) on 2012-08-18 23:14:58

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sighting takes the cake.

No shit there we were (this story requires such an opening), the family and I were heading east on 68 and had to stop for the light just east of Laguna Seca at 68 and Laureles Grade. We get some eye candy turning west onto 68 from Laureles Grade in the form of six late model Lamborghinis, some hard tops and some drop tops. Suddenly we watch in disbelief as the last Lambo careens off the road into the five foot deep ditch on the north side of the road. The car actually entered the ditch as it was rotating and finally settled facing east after doing a 190 degree spin. We saw the airbag deploy and the driver get out of the car swearing up a storm. Here's the kicker, the driver was either a porter for Lamborghini or the most unlikely looking millionaire I've ever seen. We're leaning towards porter. He jumps out and grabs for what we thought would be his cell phone but pulls out a cigarette instead!

It was pretty obvious to me he stomped on the gas way too early in his turn and made two over corrections. After seeing the skid marks we realized we were lucky he didn't end up hitting us or another car in the east bound lanes.

If anyone is looking for a slightly used Lamborghini, there's an orange one you can probably buy cheap. Also, I'm pretty sure there's a job opening as a porter as well.
post follow up

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