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Ok... Update.
Posted by: JeepRage (549) on 2015-07-13 21:04:38
In Reply to: Didn't feel open air enough, but I haven't driven much. posted by JeepRage on 2015-07-11 23:37:03

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So it was 94 degrees yesterday, and had a 45 minute drive to family BBQ. Used this is a good trial to test out the new shade with the wife and kids (kids are 2).

Not a peep or complaint about the sun or heat there or back. I'd say it was a hit, this was on the highway going 70-75 and a little back roads. Wife prefers topless, but understands that 85+ degrees means a lot of sun and heat when stopped. (doors were on, and fronts rarely off with the kids. I'll say that I miss the CJ since that was permanently doorless and the kids never road in it, but besides that and the coolness factor of the CJ, the JKU is better in every way).

I'll keep it. Just a pain to take this off on perfect days when you want full topless.
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