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Wife and I are getting one in a couple months. I haven't really heard any issues about them,
Posted by: Birdman86 (3763) on 2015-07-17 14:17:59
In Reply to: Any thoughts on the Diesel Grand Cherokee? Considering it but seeing lots of so so reviews posted by Derek on 2015-07-16 18:02:48

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but I haven't been looking. We're looking at a 2016 so hopefully whatever you're seeing is fixed by then. The 3.0 diesel is selling faster than they can import them from Italy between the grand Cherokee and the Ram 1500.

We drove one Wednesday for about 30 minutes on back-roads and local highways, and it was amazingly smooth and well mannered. The brakes felt great, it had nice pickup and power, finishing on the interior was nice too. I really like the 8.4" touchscreen stereo/entertainment center, and the LCD speedo/info center is awesome.

Around here, you can find fully loaded diesel Limeteds for $41K all day long and Overland Diesels for $45K. Wife doesn't like any of the 2015 colors so we're waiting to order a 2016 I think.
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