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2012+ Is the 3.6L V6 which is better than the 2007-2011 3.8L, correct....
Posted by: Birdman86 (3763) on 2015-07-23 18:42:50
In Reply to: Buying tips - looking at Wrangler Unlimiteds. posted by Potomac~Greg on 2015-07-23 18:17:42

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I've had a 2013 and a 2015 now. Light towing is not a problem. I routinely pull 3500-4000 lbs with mine.

Standard "auto vs 6-speed" jargon applies here like any other vehicle. The early 2012 models had cylinder head issues issues, I think it was the A and B castings or something like that. The C and later castings were fine. Jeep covered their replacements and there shouldn't be any faulty ones left.

My wranglers have been extremely reliable and capable so far.

Things to look for:
Certain years have certain colors. Half the fun of a wrangler is having a special color

Don't get a Rubicon unless you will be rock crawling

Sahara's come standard with nice accessories and leather seats etc, but you can add all of them to a Sport.

Rims and tire takeoffs are a dime a dozen, so are every other stock piece (fenders, bumpers, shocks, springs, side steps, etc)

You will "need" 33s and a small 2"-2.5" lift (then eventually you'll "need 37s and a 4" lift and winch and hardtop and....)

I think you will find that buying used will only save you maybe $5000 at most, and you'll get a worn out Wrangler with 80K miles on it. I bought both of mine new and paid typically 10%-15% under MSRP. The 2016s will be opening up for ordering here soon, I guarantee you you will be able to find a 2015 Sport S with tons of options or a Sahara for less than $30K.

2015 Sahara http://www.koonschryslerdodgejeepram.com/new/Jeep/2015-Jeep-Wrangler+Unlimited-Arlington-VA-7ababa060a0a0002716cfd215da20b6d.htm

Used hardtop takeoffs are found online for $1000-$1250 all day long too, so don't pigeon hole yourself if that's something you want.
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