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H/S? A volume Jeep/Dodge dealer I went to had some cool modified Wranglers..
Posted by: 5speed6 v.3 (407) on 2015-08-28 17:07:14

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There is a company, Rocky Ridge Trucks that works with dealers to make warranty-qualified upgrades and modifications.

Here is a list of the "Standard Package":

3 1/2" Rubicon Express Suspension Lift
Performance Coil Springs
Fox Racing Shocks
Replacement Front and Rear Sway-Bar End Links
Foam Bump Stops
Brake-Line Adapter Bracket
Adjustable Track-Bar
18" Custom Black Wheels
35" All Terrain Tires
Rocky Ridge Full Armour Front Bumper
Rocky Ridge Full Armour Rear Bumper
8,000lb Synthetic Rope Winch
Jeep Grab Handles
All Weather Cargo Liners
Front and Rear Light Grilles
Muddigger Logo and Graphics
Speedometer Calibration Module
3 Year/36,000 Mile Warranty
Road Force Balancing
4 Wheel Alignment

This one was $35K sticker and the upgrade package was $15K:

This one was $37K sticker with $18K in add-ons due to the extra LED lighting and snorkel intake:

I'm sure there is nice profit-margin in this for them, but to get everything all at once with the dealer standing behind the warranty is a good thing.
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