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Funny you say that. I'mkeeping the boring GL diesel and getting a sports car.
Posted by: Potomac~Greg (2953) on 2015-08-28 21:27:39
In Reply to: So are you buying auto? Wife just accepted new job and we'll carpool. Thinking CRD Grand for her. posted by JeepRage on 2015-08-27 20:22:47

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That'll preserve the GL as the tow vehicle, and lighten my mid-life crisis on sunny days.

I'd be a little scared of the Jeep diesels. Good diesel techs are hard to find, and most of the techs in a Jeep dealership are going to be lost. At least the old Jeep diesel could be brought to a Mercedes tech.

At this point, I'm spending about $500 every 4 months to deal with stupid issues with the GL diesel. I found an OK independent tech who keeps it going.
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