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I guess we all rolled our jeeps and died....
Posted by: Birdman86 (3763) on 2016-03-29 16:39:09

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Dealership replaced the front drive-shaft and rear drive-shaft boot under warranty for me, I was surprised. Front shaft sounded like the joint had begun to fail as it was binding and clicking when 4wd was engaged. The exhaust had also started to melt the plastic/rubber boot as it was contacting when flexing or the sway was disco'd I assume.

The rear boot had been chewed up by the evap bracket for quite a while now too.

Service adviser recommend getting aftermarket axles as Chrysler probably wouldn't cover another front shaft replacemnt.

I have 2015 Rubicon with 37s and a 4 inch lift with ~30k miles on the odo, I was surprised they covered ANYTHING. They also replaced all my serpentine pulleys that I roasted while mudding, was super surprised b y that too.
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