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Sliders are steel because I want jackpoints. I have no issue with running aluminum skids or bumper.
Posted by: stickyTaco (2178) on 2016-06-30 18:38:45
In Reply to: Not a fan of aluminum when it comes to anything bumper, slider, winch related posted by Birdman86 on 2016-06-27 19:18:33

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When wheeling I prefer finesse over force and generally take it easy as the Taco is my DD. Plenty of people running aluminum bumpers with winches that haven't had issues so I'm confident that it'll be fine with my intended uses. Both steel and aluminum options are going to offer more strength than what's coming from the factory and I want to keep the weight down since I'm already pushing the GVWR when towing our travel trailer.

From what I've read, aluminum is not 1/3 the strength of steel....its 1/3 the weight but 1/2 the strength for the same thickness of material. A 5/16" aluminum winch tray and mount should be sufficient. Also, the shop currently makes aluminum and steel bumpers so proper equipment isn't an issue.
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