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WeatherTech Championship at Mosport
Posted by: Tanner (612) on 2016-07-11 21:16:09

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Or officially, Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.

Sunday morning practice... turn three. It might be an overdone shot by everybody but I, and probably everybody else, will never get tired capturing that morning light.

A few more...

Who doesn't like rain? Didn't move quickly enough to try and get some rooster tails from another spot.

Two of three driver photos for podium... missed the Ford GT. Was told only the overall winner would be brought to the podium.... #31 Action Express Racing Corvette. Got lucky with this shot as they typically would be facing the camera the other way but their team was behind the car. Working with two other guys so I was covering this angle.

Then somebody quickly telling me to move over when the front left corner of the Turner Motorsport BMW was a foot behind me. Needless to say, Jens Klingmann was VERY happy with their win. Again, in the right spot for this!

And I get to do this all over again this coming weekend for the Honda Indy at Toronto, haven't shot that in 7-8 years.
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