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Indy at the streets of Toronto, aka the concrete jungle
Posted by: Tanner (612) on 2016-07-19 12:14:55

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I really dislike shooting Indy in Toronto, in fact, the last time I did this had to be about 7-8 years ago. Nothing's pretty. Decided I give it another go this year. Same old photo holes that are only big enough for one person, not in the best spot, old holes covered up by a big banner and a few others no longer accessible.

All of Sunday I shot with another track photog friend and we decided to try and find some other different/interesting things which we did. Then pushed ourselves to see how slow we can go. Nice way to end the weekend. Only able to do this given that I don't think I was fully required to get every single car as other sources were used for images.

Pretty happy with this one, edited to keep only the red Honda ad on the wall and Scott Dixon's car, and everything else black and white and curve to dark things a bit more except the car and Honda ad on the wall. Got it done to 1/25th of a second to blur out the catch fence and wiring. Even at a high resolution that spans across two Dell 24's, it's still pretty sharp, it's a keeper!

On another note, Stadium Super Trucks, I had a big grin on my face watching these launch off the ramps 10 feet away from me.
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