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Thoughts on the GoPro Session vs the other models besides price. Just regular use, nothing
Posted by: myers (213) on 2016-07-24 01:32:02

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professional or anything. Weekend adventure type stuff.

I have a Hero4 Silver which I split with some friends but I am moving and looking to get one for myself and my gf to use. I find of the pictures/videos I take are "selfie" style and don't require the use of the screen. Mostly point at yourself and press the remote with a burst.

To me obviously the price is attractive but I also like the size and convenience of it. I did read the battery isn't the best and since its internal you can't put a new one in.

Just want something better and more convenient and less risky than using our phones.

Most of my use would be day trip stuff. Beach, kayaking, hunting, hiking, etc.

I think mostly pictures, some videos.

Any professional and experienced input would be great.

Thanks guys.
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