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Yeah, I've never understood anyone who uses the crappy OEM straps...
Posted by: pinkertonfloyd (2760) on 2016-08-08 18:06:19
In Reply to: All i see is alot of sore irritated necks from those skin chafing camera straps =) posted by Jimmy on 2016-08-05 16:47:23

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Why the companies don't make better straps is beyond me. More people might wear them. My Local camera shop sells discounted OP/TECH (my personal favorite comfortable neoprene strap) with their logo and website on them, I wear it and give them advertising everywhere I go because of it. If it had Nikon on it, I'd be wearing it... my Nikon straps are still in the boxes.

Why my Local Camera shop has figured this out and Nikon/Canon/Sony/etc haven't is beyond me. They still want to sell you a multi-thousand dollar camera and throw in a 25 cent strap... ugh.
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