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They both have Sony sensors. Realize the algorithms used are very different, though.
Posted by: Mike S (4057) on 2016-08-30 15:31:52
In Reply to: Another FF poll: Sony RX1R Mk II vs D750 + a couple 1.8 Nikon primes? posted by JeffAhn on 2016-08-30 13:59:28

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So the Nikon color is generally far better.

We will not generally accept Sony files at our agency. The color is usually far off and the latitude of correction less. We have one pro left on Sony, and he is changing to Nikon.

This is my first concern per your comparison.

As for the rest, Nikon has far more service locations and is generally a faster repair, and far more accessories, OEM and non. Sony optics are more expensive than Nikons, as well.

The only advantage to the Sony is size.
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